NewGrip ThickGrips | Double Thick Weight Lifting Gloves for Body Building, Heavy Weights & Olympic Lifting | Heavy Duty Workout Gloves with Wrist Support

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Are you tired of traditional weight lifting gloves that just don't hold up when you're lifting heavy? Look no further than ThickGrips weight lifting gloves by NewGrip. These gloves are specifically designed for body building, heavy weights, and Olympic lifting, providing you with the ultimate support and protection.

When you use ThickGrips weight lifting gloves, you'll immediately notice a number of benefits:

  • Increased Cushion & Comfort: The double thick grip-enhancing neoprene material cushions your hands and provides maximum comfort during your lifts.

  • Increased Strength: With ThickGrips, you'll experience better grip and control, allowing you to lift heavier weights with confidence.

  • Decreased Hand Sweat: These gloves are fully ventilated, preventing excessive hand sweat that can interfere with your grip.

  • Decreased Hand Pain: The thick padding and support of ThickGrips reduce hand pain, making your workouts more enjoyable.

  • Fewer Calluses & Blisters: ThickGrips protect your hands from calluses and blisters caused by frequent heavy lifting.

  • Double Layered Protection: The double thick construction of ThickGrips provides an extra layer of protection for your hands during intense lifts.

  • Custom Fit: Unlike other lifting gloves, ThickGrips can be fully adjusted and positioned to fit your specific lifting style and preferences.

Manually adjusting the level of padding and finger positions allows you to customize the fit for a more natural feel or a tighter/looser grip, depending on your needs.

One of the biggest frustrations for weight lifters is the development of calluses and blisters. However, with ThickGrips, you can say goodbye to those painful skin issues. These gloves provide excellent protection, allowing you to lift heavy weights without worrying about tearing up your hands.

In addition, ThickGrips feature open-backed design, ensuring proper ventilation and keeping your hands sweat-free. No more uncomfortable, stiff gloves that make your hands feel suffocated. With ThickGrips, you can lift with ease and enjoy a more comfortable workout experience.

The 2" cotton wrist support that comes with ThickGrips is perfect for heavy lifts and bend backs. It offers superior stability and prevents common wrist injuries associated with lifting heavy weights. Plus, the wrist support is fully adjustable, allowing you to customize the fit and support based on your lifting technique.

If you're serious about weight lifting and want the best gloves to support your heavy lifting sessions, then ThickGrips by NewGrip are the perfect choice for you. Start lifting with ThickGrips today, and unlock your true lifting potential.



Q: Are these gloves suitable for body building, heavy weights, and Olympic lifting?
A: Yes, ThickGrips weight lifting gloves are specifically designed for body building, heavy weights, and Olympic lifting.

Q: Do these gloves provide wrist support?
A: Yes, ThickGrips come with a heavy-duty 2" cotton wrist support that provides excellent stability during heavy lifts.

Q: Can I adjust the padding and finger positions of these gloves?
A: Yes, ThickGrips offer a customizable fit, allowing you to adjust the padding and finger positions based on your preferences.

Q: Do these gloves prevent hand sweat?
A: Yes, ThickGrips are fully ventilated to keep your hands sweat-free during intense workouts.

Q: Will I still get calluses and blisters with these gloves?
A: No, ThickGrips provide double-layered protection, preventing the development of calluses and blisters caused by heavy lifting.

Q: How long has NewGrip been making hand and wrist protection products?
A: NewGrip has been making hand and wrist protection since 1995, with ThickGrips being their latest product.

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