INOOMP 4 pcs Pilate Anti- Non- Outdoor Hot Workout Gloves Barehand Weighted Padding Fingerless Fitness - Hiking Exercise Women Accessories for Support Baseball Black Training


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Product Review

The INOOMP Pilate Anti-Non-Outdoor Hot Workout Gloves are a must-have fitness accessory for women who enjoy gym exercises and outdoor activities. These fingerless gloves provide the perfect support and protection for your hands during weightlifting, hiking, and other fitness activities.

Package List

Each package includes 2 x Fitness Gloves.


  • Material: Silicone, Mesh, Artificial Leather

  • Wrist support for gym training

  • Finger vents for flexible equipment operation

  • Comfortable and practical half finger design

  • Compact and portable

  • Exquisite appearance and durable design

Product Information

These gloves are designed to enhance your workout experience. They are made with a minimalist design, free of padding, to provide a comfortable feeling. The non-slip feature ensures that your weights and yoga mat stay in place, allowing you to lift more and focus on your exercises. Whether you're at the gym, on a plane, at the beach, or up a mountain, these gloves are compact enough to fit in your purse or bag.

These gloves also make a wonderful gift for girls who enjoy gym exercises. They offer palm protection and have an exquisite appearance, making them both practical and stylish. These gloves are suitable for women of all ages and can be used for various activities such as weightlifting, yoga, and hiking.

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Are these gloves suitable for weightlifting?

Yes, these gloves provide wrist support and finger vents for flexible equipment operation, making them ideal for weightlifting workouts.

Can these gloves be used for yoga?

Yes, these gloves are perfect for yoga exercises. They have a non-slip feature that turns any slippery or rough surface into your yogic playground.

Are these gloves suitable for outdoor activities?

Yes, these gloves are designed for both indoor and outdoor activities. They are durable and provide the necessary support and protection for your hands during hiking, biking, and other outdoor workouts.

Can these gloves be washed?

Yes, these gloves can be hand washed with mild detergent and air dried.