POC, Resistance Pro DH Glove, Mountain Biking Gloves: A Review

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If you're into downhill mountain biking, then you know the importance of having the right gear. The POC Resistance Pro DH Glove is designed to provide you with the protection and control you need on the trails. It features impact absorbing VPD system pads and durable ceramic fabric strategically placed on the fingers and knuckles to protect you from any impacts or scrapes. The glove also has specific EVA padding on the knuckles of the ring and little finger for added protection.

Comfort is key when it comes to biking gloves, and the Resistance Pro DH Glove delivers. It has a ventilated palm with silicon pads that provide both comfort and breathability, so your hands stay cool and dry even during intense rides. The glove is also touch screen compatible, so you can easily use your phone or GPS without having to take it off.

In addition to its protective and comfortable features, the Resistance Pro DH Glove has some extra perks. It has a terry cloth nose wipe on the thumbs, which comes in handy when you need to quickly wipe away sweat or dirt from your face. The glove also has a Velcro closure at the wrist, allowing you to adjust the fit for a secure and personalized feel.

Overall, the POC Resistance Pro DH Glove is a top-notch choice for downhill mountain biking. Its combination of impact protection, breathability, and extra features make it a reliable and comfortable companion on the trails.

PROTECT: Durable ceramic fabric strategically placed on fingers and knuckles, and specific EVA padding on knuckles of the ring and little finger
BREATHE: Ventilated palm with silicone pads for comfort and breathability
SIMPLE: Touch screen compatible thumbs
EXTRAS: Terry cloth nose wipe on thumbs and Velcro closure at wrist