Product Review: Prime Leather Ultimate Premium Quality Leather Fitness Weightlifting Gloves

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Weight Lifting training Gym Gloves are the latest addition in glove variety by Prime Sports that provides additional support in weight training, hygiene, fitness circuit training.
These Gloves Provide
100% GENUINE LEATHER - Some gloves are not made of genuine leather. It is a key material vital for the gloves to be both tough and flexible. The softness of our leather provides you the grip required. This glove has short finger length, as this help to give good grip on cycle handle or bars
PALM PROTECTION & ENHANCED GRIP – reduce calluses and dry skin patches/blisters! These gloves provide enhanced padding in the palm to protect your hands but provide an excellent grip, when pulling or pushing machines or weights in the gym.
EXTRA WRIST SUPPORT WITH A STRONG WRIST WRAP - reducing the risk of wrist injury (and possibly help you lift more!). The wrist straps are completely adjustable to your wrist size and support required across different exercises. Velcro wrist closure ensures comfort and increased strength for the glove.
STRONG STITCHING - This gives you confidence the gloves will endure the toughest gym sessions.
Blisters and Calluses: Another advantage weightlifters gain from top weight lifting gloves is that it minimizes the discomfort you may feel. Some weights have textured surfaces that cause blisters or calluses on your palms. If this condition is left untreated, infections may occur.
Pressure: The best weight lifting gloves provide pressure relief. Lifting weights place a lot of pressure on your wrists and hands. By wearing gloves you’ll be able to lift all those weights without fear of too much pressure.
Breath-ability: Our gloves were designed with a mesh which allows breath-ability
Design: Our weightlifting gloves were designed to perform significantly whilst having a sleek and stylish design


Check out the Prime Leather Ultimate Premium Quality Leather Fitness Weightlifting Gloves! These gloves are a must-have for any weightlifting enthusiast. Designed by Prime Sports, they provide additional support and hygiene during weight training and fitness circuit training.

One of the best features of these gloves is that they are made of 100% genuine leather. Unlike other gloves, these are tough and flexible, thanks to the high-quality leather material. The softness of the leather ensures a strong grip, making it ideal for holding onto cycle handles or bars.

The gloves also offer excellent palm protection and enhanced grip. With enhanced padding in the palm area, they minimize the risk of calluses, dry skin patches, and blisters. This allows you to pull or push machines and weights at the gym with ease and confidence.

What sets these gloves apart is the extra wrist support. They come with a strong wrist wrap that reduces the risk of wrist injuries and helps you lift more. The adjustable wrist straps can be customized to your wrist size and provide support across different exercises. The Velcro wrist closure ensures comfort and increased strength for the gloves.

Durability is key when it comes to gym gloves, and these gloves have you covered. They are designed with strong stitching, giving you confidence that they will withstand the toughest gym sessions.

In addition to these benefits, weightlifting gloves also help minimize discomfort and prevent blisters and calluses. They provide pressure relief, reducing the strain on your wrists and hands when lifting weights. The breathable mesh design ensures maximum comfort and allows for ventilation during workouts.

Not only are these gloves highly functional, but they also have a sleek and stylish design. They perform significantly while adding a touch of sophistication to your gym attire.

Don't miss out on the Prime Leather Ultimate Premium Quality Leather Fitness Weightlifting Gloves. Get yours today and take your weightlifting game to the next level!


Q: Are these gloves suitable for weightlifting?
A: Yes, these gloves are designed specifically for weightlifting and provide excellent support and grip.

Q: Are they made of genuine leather?
A: Yes, these gloves are made of 100% genuine leather, ensuring durability and flexibility.

Q: Do they come with wrist support?
A: Yes, these gloves come with extra wrist support in the form of a strong wrist wrap, reducing the risk of wrist injuries.

Q: Are they comfortable to wear?
A: Yes, these gloves feature a comfortable design that allows for breathability and ventilation during workouts.

Q: Can they prevent blisters and calluses?
A: Yes, these gloves offer palm protection and enhanced padding to minimize the risk of blisters and calluses.


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