Hot Glove Deluxe Glove Wrap - The Perfect Solution for Your Baseball Glove Care

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Are you an avid baseball player looking for the perfect solution to care for your glove? Look no further! The Hot Glove Deluxe Glove Wrap is here to meet all your glove maintenance needs. Made in the USA, this product offers everything you need to Break-in, Preserve, Maintain, and Restore your ball glove.

The Hot Glove Treatment is a quick and effective way to break in your glove. Millions of players have successfully treated their gloves with this product. It is safe, non-toxic, and Made in the USA. The Hot Glove Cream Conditioner, on the other hand, is an all-natural lanolin-based conditioner that makes your glove more flexible and helps maintain its moisture. It is also great for bringing life back into your old glove.

The Glove Mallet is a dual-action tool that allows you to break in your glove and shape the pocket to perfection. With its tapered end, you can even break in the finger sockets for a customized fit. And when it comes to preserving the pocket of your glove, the Glove Wrap Deluxe is the perfect solution. It fits all gloves and is highly rated for its effectiveness.

Hot Glove offers both traditional methods and quicker options for breaking in your glove. You can choose to use the Original Hot Glove and heat it in your oven for 4 minutes, or try the NEW Steam method that takes just one minute in your microwave. Both methods are safe, non-toxic, and fast.

In addition to the individual products, Hot Glove also offers kits that include everything you need for your glove care. The Break-In Kit Glove Management System is a one-stop-shop that includes Hot Glove Treatment, Cream Conditioner, and a small Glove Wrap. Just add the Glove Mallet and you're all set!

The Hot Glove Deluxe Glove Wrap is designed to fit any size glove. It stretches to accommodate both large and small gloves, thanks to its large Velcro closure and stretchable polyester material. The highly stretchable material allows you to apply the perfect pressure to your glove, while the slit in the middle helps you form the perfect pocket. Plus, it comes with a regulation size plastic softball to wrap your glove around, maintaining the ideal glove shape all year-round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Glove Wrap Deluxe suitable for all glove sizes?
Yes, the Glove Wrap Deluxe is designed to stretch and fit any size glove. Its large Velcro closure and stretchable polyester material ensure a perfect fit for both large and small gloves.

2. Are the Hot Glove products safe to use on my glove?
Yes, all the Hot Glove products are safe to use on your baseball glove. They are made in the USA and are non-toxic.

3. How long does it take to break in a glove using the Hot Glove Treatment?
The Hot Glove Treatment is an instant break-in method that opens up the pores in the leather to absorb and soften it instantly. It takes just a few minutes to achieve a well-broken-in glove.

4. How often should I use the Cream Conditioner on my glove?
It is recommended to use the Cream Conditioner after treating your glove with the Hot Glove Treatment. It helps moisturize and condition the glove, and also helps clean it and repel moisture. The frequency of use will depend on the condition of your glove and how often you play.

5. Can I use the Glove Mallet to break in all parts of my glove?
Yes, the Glove Mallet is designed to break in all parts of the glove, including the finger sockets. Its heavy round baseball-sized ball and extra-long handle provide the perfect tools for forming the perfect pocket.

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