PICSIL Golden Eagle Hand Grips: The Ultimate Gym Companion for Better Grip and Support

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Origin of PICSIL

It all begins with a challenge from a friend in 2012 who asked if we could create some cross-training products. This led to the birth of PICSIL, a brand dedicated to providing high-quality athletic gear.

PICSIL Athletes

By buying PICSIL products, you are not only getting top-notch equipment but also supporting the extensive PICSIL Cross Training family. Join the community and be a part of something bigger!

Select Your Product

PICSIL offers a wide range of products to cater to various sports disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting, and calisthenics. Choose the product that best suits your needs and goals.

What Makes Our Products Unique?

PICSIL initially started producing grips in a family home, ensuring the highest quality standards. With innovative features like micro-diamond technology for enhanced magnesium retention, our products stand out from the competition.

PICSIL: A Sustainable Brand

At PICSIL, we prioritize sustainability by using recycled fibers, biodegradable materials for our bags, and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Are Our Products Only for Cross Training?

No, our products are versatile and suitable for a wide range of sports disciplines. Whether you're into gymnastics, weightlifting, or calisthenics, PICSIL has you covered.

Explore our Range of Products


The Most Versatile Grip: RX Grips

Experience the ultimate grip with RX Grips. These grips feature a 0.08 mm inner layer that provides a softer feel and reduces friction on the palms of your hands.


Hand Grips

Discover the most complete range of hand grips for weightlifting. Available with and without holes, these grips offer excellent palm protection and support.


Lifting Belts

Boost your performance and minimize the risk of injuries with our weightlifting belts. These belts provide stability and maintain intra-abdominal pressure, ensuring proper form and support.


Wrist Wraps

Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, our wrist wraps feature hook-and-loop fasteners. They provide excellent wrist support during heavy lifting sessions.



Experience comfort and protection with our neoprene grip pads. Perfect for strength sports like calisthenics, bodybuilding, powerlifting, and fitness training.



Get maximum wrist support without limiting your movement. Our elastic cotton straps provide the perfect balance of stability and flexibility.


Speed Ropes

Add a fun and effective exercise to your routine with our speed ropes. Jumping rope is a complete workout that many athletes use for complementary training.



Relax and enhance your bodybuilding experience with our mobility tools. Roll the massage ball over knotted muscles to treat and relax reflex zones.

👑 Enhance Your Workout with PICSIL Golden Eagle Hand Grips! Our grips offer superior grip, faster transitions, and increased palm support. Don't let rips and tears hinder your progress – choose PICSIL for durable hand support. Suitable for various sports disciplines and crafted with care in Spain, PICSIL grips are sure to elevate your training sessions. Go ahead and make a sustainable choice with PICSIL!



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the origin of PICSIL?

A: PICSIL began in 2012 as a response to a friend's challenge to create cross-training products. It has since grown into a leading brand in the fitness industry.

Q: Are PICSIL products only for Cross Training?

A: No, PICSIL offers a wide range of products suitable for various sports disciplines such as gymnastics, weightlifting, calisthenics, and more.

Q: Are PICSIL products sustainable?

A: Yes, PICSIL is committed to sustainability. They use recycled fibers, biodegradable materials for their bags, and 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

Q: What makes PICSIL grips unique?

A: PICSIL grips feature micro-diamond technology for increased magnesium retention, providing better grip and durability.

Q: Can I support PICSIL athletes by purchasing their products?

A: Yes, buying PICSIL products directly supports their athletes and the Cross Training community.