VANZACK 1pc Sport Left Hand Shooters Gloves Silicone Billiards Gloves Sport Accessories Gloves for Working Out Professional Cue Stick Handguard Snooker Cue Table Tennis Black Sports Man

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Package Include:
1 x Billiard Glove

- Size: 20.00X12.00X0.30cm/7.86X4.72X0 pool playing gloves.
- Material: Cloth and silicone billiards equipment.
- Color: Black Billiard Glove.
- Exposing Finger making more flexible operation billiard gloves right hand.
- Elastic at the wrist for a good fit Billiard Shooters Glove.
- Adopts three-finger design, wear-resistant silicone mat 3 Finger Billiards Glove.
- Made of lightweight fabric, anti-slip and comfortable to wear Billiard Sport gloves.
- Usually for left hand, right hand can also be used professional cue stick.

Goods Information:
Shooters Gloves The three-finger billiard glove will give you a smoother, better game and eliminate the need for messy hand chalk or sweaty hand problems.3 Elastic at the wrist for a good fit.Billiard Sport gloves Some people feel pain because of friction while playing billiards. These gloves can help you avoid the pain, so that you can be more happy to play billiards

Pool glove left: pool table gloves
Sports gloves: 3 finger billiards gloves pool cue gloves three fingers billiard gloves snooker shooter gloves mitt elastic left hand glove for women men black l.
Billiards accessory: -usually for left hand, right hand can also be used.
Billiard gloves right hand: adopts three-finger design, wear-resistant silicone mat.
Non-slip billiards gloves: usually for left hand, right hand can also be used.


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What is the size of the glove?

The size of the glove is 20.00X12.00X0.30cm/7.86X4.72X0.

Can the glove be used for both left and right hand?

Yes, the glove can be used for both left and right hand.

Is the glove comfortable to wear?

Yes, the glove is made of lightweight fabric, which is anti-slip and comfortable to wear.

What is the purpose of the three-finger design?

The three-finger design of the glove allows for more flexible operation while playing billiards.

Does the glove help to eliminate the need for hand chalk?

Yes, the glove eliminates the need for messy hand chalk and helps to reduce sweaty hand problems.

Can the glove be used for other sports?

While the glove is designed for billiards, it can also be used for other sports such as table tennis.