Product Review: First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove

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This First Tactical Men’s Lightweight Patrol Glove is a high-performance glove specifically designed for shooting activity. It features a U-shaped gusset between the index finger and thumb, ensuring a proper grip on your firearm. With a pistol grip palm, you can have closer contact with your firearm, allowing for better control and accuracy.

But that's not all! These gloves also have an amazing feature called TouchTac. The seamless wrap around fingers offer greater efficiency and performance when using touch screen devices. The full contact points on the fingers greatly increase sensitivity, making it easier and more accurate to use electronic devices.

When it comes to duty-focused gloves, First Tactical knows what they're doing. These gloves feature a bezelcuff cutout, making it easy to use them while wearing a watch. The gloves also have perforated fourchettes, ensuring maximum comfort even during long shifts.

One of the highlights of these gloves is the genuine goatskin leather palm. This material provides excellent mobility and tactile feedback, allowing you to have a better grip and control. It is also incredibly durable, capable of withstanding constant abuse from day-to-day duty requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are these gloves suitable for shooting activities?

A: Yes, these gloves are specifically designed for shooting activities, providing a proper grip on your firearm.

Q: Can I use touchscreen devices with these gloves?

A: Absolutely! The gloves offer seamless wrap around fingers for better touch screen usage.

Q: Are these gloves comfortable to wear for extended periods of time?

A: Yes, the gloves have perforated fourchettes that allow for comfortable wearing even during long shifts.

Q: How durable are the palms of these gloves?

A: The gloves feature a genuine goatskin leather palm that is highly durable and can withstand constant abuse.

Q: Can I wear a watch while using these gloves?

A: Yes, the gloves have a bezelcuff cutout, making it easy to wear them while also wearing a watch.

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