Shapelocker Weighted Gloves - The Ultimate Workout Companion!


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Shape Your Workout with Shapelocker Weighted Gloves

Introducing the Shapelocker Weighted Gloves, the perfect addition to your workout routine! These gloves are designed to take your fitness to the next level and provide you with an incredible exercise experience. With a soft iron layer and wrist support, these gloves are perfect for shadow boxing, kickboxing, cardio, and weight workouts.

The Features of Shapelocker Weighted Boxing Gloves


- Soft Iron Sand Layer: The core of these gloves, the soft iron sand layer, ensures stability and protects your palms from injury.

- No Sand Leakage: Say goodbye to sand leakage with these gloves. The iron sand is securely absorbed, extending the lifespan of the gloves.

- Washable: Unlike conventional gloves, these gloves can be washed without worrying about rust or sand caking. Simply dry naturally for 10-15 minutes after washing.

- Upgraded Surface Fabric: The high-density Lycra fabric provides better breathability, elasticity, and softness for maximum comfort and durability.

These features make Shapelocker Weighted Gloves a must-have for anyone serious about their fitness journey. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your workouts!

Why Choose Shapelocker Weighted Gloves?

Shapelocker Weighted Gloves are more than just a fitness accessory. They offer a wide range of benefits that will take your workouts to new heights.

- Multiple Training: These gloves are versatile and can be used for weighted sparring, boxing, kickboxing, crossfit, and other weight training exercises. They are also suitable for yoga, jogging, walking, and toning the arms.

- Wrist Support: The wrist support feature ensures that the gloves stay securely in place during intense training sessions. No more worrying about them slipping off!

- Tight Hemming: The uniform and tight hemming seam provides better wrapping and firmness, ensuring the gloves are durable and long-lasting.

- Portable Exercise: These gloves are compact and easy to carry, allowing you to incorporate them into your workouts anytime and anywhere. Say hello to a more effective workout!

Make Shapelocker Weighted Gloves Your Fitness Companion!

Get ready to supercharge your workouts with Shapelocker Weighted Gloves. Increase the intensity, build strength and endurance, and achieve your fitness goals faster than ever before.


- Type: 4LB/PR (2lb each)

- Gender: Unisex

- Material: Lycra Fabric, Soft Iron

- Color: Black

Package Included:

- Weighted Boxing Gloves x 1 Pair

Get your Shapelocker Weighted Gloves today and experience the difference for yourself!



Q: Can I use these gloves for different types of workouts?

A: Absolutely! Shapelocker Weighted Gloves are specially designed for a variety of workouts including boxing, kickboxing, cardio, crossfit, and even yoga and walking.

Q: How do these gloves provide wrist support?

A: These gloves feature a wrist support design with a Velcro strap to ensure a secure and snug fit, preventing them from slipping off during intense training.

Q: Are these gloves washable?

A: Yes, unlike traditional gloves filled with iron sand, these gloves are made with soft iron that doesn't rust. Simply wash them and let them dry naturally for a short period.

Q: Is the fabric comfortable?

A: Absolutely! The upgraded high-density Lycra fabric provides excellent breathability, elasticity, and softness, ensuring maximum comfort during your workouts.

Get your Shapelocker Weighted Gloves today from Amazon and take your workouts to the next level!