FifthPulse Black Vinyl Disposable Gloves - Reliable and Comfy Medical Exam Gloves

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Durable and Comfortable Gloves
These FifthPulse black vinyl disposable gloves are designed to be thick and stretchy, making them highly resistant to tears and rips. You can work with confidence knowing that these gloves will provide excellent grip and handling.
Perfect for Medical Offices
These gloves are medical grade and are perfect for professional medical office settings. They are also a great addition to first aid kits, providing protection in emergency situations.
Versatile and Reliable
In addition to medical settings, these gloves are perfect for various purposes. Whether you're in the kitchen, handling food in a home or restaurant, or involved in cleaning, janitorial work, tattooing, beauty salon tasks, or gardening, these multipurpose gloves have got you covered.
Hypoallergenic and Safe
If you have latex allergies, these gloves are the perfect choice for you. They are latex-free, which means they won't cause any allergic reactions. They are also powder-free and can be used by both right-handed and left-handed individuals. Please note that these gloves are for single-use only.
Convenient and Portable
Each box contains 50 gloves, making them easy to keep on your counter, desk, or work station. They are also highly portable and can be stored in your car, gym bag, hand bag, diaper bag, or taken with you while traveling. If you need a larger supply, bulk options are available. These gloves are offered in blue, pink, and clear colors to suit your preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Are these gloves latex-free?

Yes, these gloves are latex-free, making them suitable for individuals with latex allergies.

2. Can these gloves be used more than once?

No, these gloves are designed for single-use only and should be disposed of properly after use.

3. How many gloves are in each box?

Each box contains 50 gloves for your convenience.

4. Can these gloves be used in a medical office?

Yes, these gloves are medical grade and are perfect for use in professional medical office settings.

5. Are these gloves available in different colors?

Yes, these gloves are available in blue, pink, and clear colors for you to choose from.

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