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G-Loves Wrist WrapsG-Loves Wrist Wraps

Product Review: Gel Lagree Studio Gloves Made with LOVE in the USA!

gel padded studio gloves pilates lagreegel padded studio gloves pilates lagree

Gelometrics gel studio gloves are created, designed, and manufactured in Los Angeles. These gel studio gloves are engineered to protect you from injury, give you extreme non-slip grip, and make a bold fashion statement.

PLEASE NOTE: Gelometrics are not for weightlifting. They are made for activities Pilates and Lagree Fitness. The gel padding inside makes the glove too thick for gripping barbells, dumbbells and bars.

Enjoy the protection and extreme anti-slip grip you’ll get with our revolutionary Gelometrics Gel Padded Studio Gloves. Our workout gloves make it easy to take care of your hands and wrists, preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, hand numbness and arthritis pain during poses that require body weight on the hands. The lightweight neoprene design is breathable, moisture-wicking and gives your hand complete freedom of movement. Gelometrics Gel Studio Gloves for ladies are optimal for moderating hand fatigue and lessening wrist pain during activities which require your hands to support your body weight – like Lagree Fitness and Pilates. The unique design helps alleviate pressure on the palm of your hands and facilitate blood flow and oxygen delivery during your workout. Make a bold fashion statement at the gym with these stylish workout gloves. Take your pick from a variety of Gelometrics styles and colors for a personalized look. You can feel confident about your purchase, knowing our supportive workout gloves are manufactured without any animal products in the USA. G-Loves has worked closely with chemists to create a game-changing grip and hand doctors to break down the barriers that keep you from enjoying your workout. It’s all about soft hands and a hard body.

**Gelometrics are easily washed with soap and water. Lay flat to dry. We suggest you wash them after every use to keep them looking new and smelling fresh.**

silicone gripsilicone grip

gel insertsgel inserts

anatomy hand wristanatomy hand wrist

Anti-Slip Silicone Grip

Enhances traction and stability during Lagree workouts. No more slipping during planks, pikes, donkey kicks, spider kicks, catfish, etc. Our silicone grip will have you feeling more in control and self-assured even in the most precarious of poses.

Silicone Gel Palm Pad

At the core of this glove is a uniquely engineered and contoured silicone gel palm pad that enhances stability on multiple surfaces. The gel padding facilitates blood and oxygen flow while distributing pressure so your wrists don’t feel all the strain of supporting weight on your hands.

Anatomy of Hand & Wrist

The ergonomic design of the gel pad diminishes pressure on the nerves, muscles, and tendons bundled into our palms, thus increasing blood flow to the median nerve and oxygen delivery during exercise. Now the focus of your workout can be on the experience rather than the discomfort.

Inside of Gel Padded Glove

Created, designed, and manufactured in Los Angeles. These gel studio gloves are engineered to protect you from injury, give you extreme grip, and make a bold fashion statement. Side effects may include: happiness, confidence, increased strength, no wrist/hand pain, less stress.

Purchase with Confidence

When you purchase our game changing Gel Padded Lagree Studio Gloves you can perform your workouts in confidence knowing the product will stand up to almost any kind of workout. Give our gloves a try! If you’re at all unhappy get in touch with us and we’ll make it right!

Gelometrics Size Chart

size chartsize chart

Wrap a tape measure around the palm of your hand. Spread your fingers a wide as possible. Your size is measured by the total number of inches around your palm not including your thumb.

** Please note: If you are on the cusp between sizes, size up. For example, if your hand is exactly 8" on the line between Small and Medium, size up to the Medium. **

These Gelometrics Gel Padded Gloves are made in the USA and provide essential protection for your hands and wrists during workouts. They alleviate wrist pain and hand fatigue, thanks to the silicone gel padding and ergonomic design. The gloves offer an extreme grip that enhances traction and stability, making them perfect for Lagree Fitness, Pilates, and other activities. They are easy to maintain, with simple washing instructions, and come in a variety of stylish designs. Purchase with confidence, as these gloves are made to withstand any workout. Check the size chart to find the perfect fit. Stay protected, fashionable, and confident with Gelometrics Gel Padded Gloves.

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- Are these gloves suitable for weightlifting?
No, Gelometrics Gel Padded Gloves are not recommended for weightlifting as the gel padding makes the gloves too thick for gripping barbells, dumbbells, and bars.

- How do I wash and maintain these gloves?
These gloves can be easily washed with soap and water. Lay them flat to dry. It is recommended to wash them after every use to keep them looking new and fresh.

- Do these gloves come in different sizes?
Yes, Gelometrics Gel Padded Gloves come in various sizes. Please refer to the size chart to find your perfect fit. If you are on the cusp between sizes, it is recommended to size up.

- Are these gloves made in the USA?
Yes, these gloves are proudly created, designed, and manufactured in Los Angeles, USA.

- Can I wear rings while exercising with these gloves?
Yes, you can wear rings while using these gloves. They are designed to easily go on and off with a Velcro closure.