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1. Increase palm grip
These fitness gloves are designed with materials that help to increase the friction between your palm and the fitness equipment. This enhanced grip allows you to hold dumbbells or barbells more firmly, especially during pulling movements like pull-ups or challenging pull-ups. The effect of the gloves on your grip is even more significant. Additionally, some gloves come with a wrist strap that can be used to secure the handle of the equipment, saving a lot of power for your palm.
2. Distribute pressure to protect the wrist
When performing pushing movements like bench press or shoulder press, fitness gloves can help distribute the weight of the equipment, reducing the pressure on your palms. Some gloves even have wrist guards to provide extra support to your body when performing movements like palm presses or planks.
3. Protect the skin of your hands
Engaging in regular fitness exercises can lead to hardened skin on your palms, resulting in calluses, also known as blisters. Fitness gloves can help reduce the friction caused by the equipment, thereby decreasing the likelihood of developing calluses.