G-360 Anti-Slip Grip Workout Gloves - Lift More, Prevent Injury, and Stay Comfortable

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A Must-Have for Your Workout Routine

From conception to creation, G-360 workout gloves are designed to give you the best performance and protection. Made in downtown Los Angeles, these gloves have a superior design that prevents workout injuries and helps you lift more weight. With a proprietary anti-slip grip, these gloves provide excellent traction and support during exercises like pull-ups, deadlifts, and weightlifting.

Lightweight and Breathable

G-360 workout gloves are made from high-tech neoprene, making them lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying. The gloves contour to your hands for a perfect fit and allow for freedom of movement. They also have a low-profile hook and loop closure for easy on/off and a tailored fit that prevents bunching at the palm.

Protects and Supports

These gloves not only look great, but they also provide excellent protection and support. The PVC ink non-slip grip helps distribute pressure to targeted muscles, preventing pain and injuries in the wrists and palms. The cropped fingers provide freedom of movement, and the open knuckle design keeps your hands cool during intense workouts.

Easy to Clean

G-360 workout gloves are easy to clean after every use. Simply wash them with soap and water and lay them flat to dry. This keeps them fresh, germ-free, and ready for your next workout.

Size Chart

G-360 mens workout gloves size chart

*Please note: If you are on the cusp between sizes, size up. For example, if your hand is exactly 8.75" on the line between Large and X-Large, size up to X-Large.*

Made in the USA
BETTER FOR YOU – G-360 workout gloves are scientifically designed to enhance your workout. The thin palm pads cushion your hands, improve blood circulation, and prevent compression on the median nerve. They also absorb shock and protect against calluses, blisters, and arthritis pain.
ANTI-SLIP GRIP – The silicone ink grip provides a secure hold and excellent traction on various surfaces. Whether you're lifting weights or engaging in water sports or rock climbing, these gloves will give you the confidence to perform at your best.
EASIER, BETTER WORKOUT – With their superior design, G-360 gloves reduce hand fatigue and allow you to lift more comfortably. They also reduce pressure on your hands, enabling other muscles to work harder. Say goodbye to calluses, blisters, and wrist pain!
FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT AND STYLE – The open-knuckle design and cropped fingers offer freedom of movement and flexibility. These gloves also feature a range of styles to match your gym look. The lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying neoprene material keeps your hands dry and comfortable.
A COMFORTABLE, FANTASTIC LOOK – G-360 gloves not only provide comfort and protection, but they also look great. The futuristic neoprene build wicks moisture, provides a perfect fit, and ensures maximum comfort during your workout.


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Are these gloves suitable for weightlifting?

Yes, these gloves are ideal for weightlifting. They provide an anti-slip grip and cushioning to protect your hands during heavy lifts.

Can these gloves help prevent calluses?

Yes, the thick palm pads and non-slip grip of these gloves help prevent calluses by distributing pressure to targeted muscles instead of your palms.

Are these gloves easy to clean?

Yes, these gloves are easy to clean. Simply wash them with soap and water and lay them flat to dry.

What sizes are available?

G-360 workout gloves are available in a range of sizes. Please refer to the size chart for the best fit.